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As I walk through our district, especially the more established neighborhoods that are further from downtown, collecting signatures I often hear concerns about roads, growth and how we will manage congestion. Growth is good, but as leaders of our community we should guide our community planning to address these concerns.   Redevelopment of areas that are currently vacant or run down is one option and should include community consensus. We should also ensure our tax dollars are spent on road improvements that meet or exceed industry standards with a forward thinking mindset so that the same roads do not have to be fixed year after year.


Colorado Springs has enjoyed a certain amount of recession-proofing due to our proximity to the area’s military bases. However, more and more businesses leave District 5 and move north or east. Council members should be in communication with small business owners in our community on how to encourage them to flourish in balance with attracting big box stores. By equitably focusing on and encouraging small and large businesses we are able to support our economy and sustain the long term economic health of the community as a whole.

Public Safety

Our Community deserves for every person to feel safe and protected and served by our Police Force. In order to do this, we need to do a better job of retaining our Force and recruiting additional officers. This is done by showing support from our community and understanding the layers and the personal impacts of those responsibilities. An open discussion about the best solutions, areas of improved collaboration on all sides, and how to create the most effective Force is necessary and I am willing to be the person to help facilitate it.


Good representation starts with steady communication. In all organizations that I have lead, I have provided regular updates and am committed to do that as your next City Councilwoman. I am committed to transparency in office and utilizing ways to communicate with my neighbors in District 5 on the issues that will effect us all.