Jill Gaebler

Colorado Springs City Council

President Pro-tem

"Mary Elizabeth Fabian will be a champion for policies that create community in our local neighborhoods, instead of dividing neighbors from each other. She possesses the work ethic and the listening ear necessary to serve this district well. I trust Mary Elizabeth to show up and get the job done on key issues facing both our city and Colorado as a whole."


Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D.

President CEO

OnLine Training, Inc.

Director of Global Learn Day

"It is my honor to endorse Mary Elizabeth Fabian for political office.

She is committed to making the world a better place. She knows that can best be done by focusing on where she is, and those she comes in contact with. From involvement in local schools, community associations and interacting with local businesses to a global vision for a better world through a celebration of mankind's acquisition of knowledge through Global Learn Day, Mary Elizabeth can be counted on to work hard to make it all better.

Her personal commitment to good works makes a significant difference. She has a keen interest in the human enterprise, whether that is personal growth, growing a volunteer organization or a business her high level of skill and drive is significant.

As she makes herself available in the public sector I suspect all who work with her will be glad to have her on their team."


Rep. Lois Landgraff

"Mary Elizabeth is a community focused leader who will always put the needs of her constituents first. She is a committed member of this community who understands the issues and concerns of the people who live here. As the wife of a veteran, mother of three kids, two with special needs, and a small business owner she understands your needs and will work for you!"


Rep. Cole Wist

"Mary Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to represent HD 18. Her compelling personal story and outstanding service to her community ensure that MaryElizabeth will be an effective voice for her district. Mary Elizabeth will hit the ground running on day one, and I look forward to serving with her."


Martha Neitz

Vice President

Dr. Soot Chimney Sweep

"I have known and worked with Mary Elizabeth Fabian for almost two years. During that time we have worked together, taken classes together and had some great “down time” discussions. She has a keen intellect, tremendous organizational skills, super adaptability and amazing energy. During discussions of issues faced in House District 18, she demonstrates enormous compassion. She has researched Issues such as homelessness and has innovative, well thought out ideas and plans. Developing small businesses is right down her alley because she is a small business owner and understands the dilemmas and challenges we face every day.

She also understands technology and has taught me a lot about technology aids I can use in my business. As a young entrepreneur she has a unique ability to understand and communicate effectively across multiple generations (I am a Baby Boomer and feel very comfortable and connected with her). Based on all of the above factors, I strongly support Mary Elizabeth Fabian for Colorado State Representative, House District 18. I know she has the strength of character to stand up to the Denver/Boulder consortium and will represent us well."


Sheriff Bill Elder

I am proud to endorse Mary Elizabeth Fabian to be House District 18's next Representative. Mary Elizabeth's commitment to her community is clear. Her passion for issues, such as public safety, is evident given her knowledge and experience in tackling social problems like human trafficking and homelessness. She is exactly what our community needs to thrive, and will truly make an impact in office.


Carrie Kelly

Gasper Law Group


"I have known Mary Elizabeth Fabian since our children began attending the same school, nine years ago. Over the course of time, we have had innumerable discussions about a wide variety of topics. Our opinions haven't always aligned, in fact we have probably disagreed as much as we've agreed, but what I have consistently observed about Mary Elizabeth Fabian over the years is her willingness to consider new arguments while not compromising her core principles. Mary Elizabeth Fabian is uncompromising in her adherence to the values of human dignity and personal integrity. At the same time, she remains open to receiving new information and is perpetually checking herself to be sure that the positions she is taking genuinely do further the values to which she is committed. This willingness to engage in good faith, civil discourse and re-evaluate prior opinions as warranted without ever compromising on her fundamental values is Mary Elizabeth Fabian's greatest strength and why I believe she will be an asset to the people of her district and to the entire State of Colorado."


Rep. Terri Carver

“What impresses me the most about Mary Elizabeth Fabian is her commitment to be accessible and listen to the residents of Colorado Springs, Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs, and represent their interests in the State Legislature. As a small business owner and mother of three, Mary Elizabeth is focused on good schools, expanding vocational education, and growing small businesses in her community. She also knows first-hand, the challenges faced by families of individuals with special needs - both in education and in healthcare.  Her experience, knowledge and compassion will make her a strong advocate for the people of HD18.” 

Owen Hill

State Legislator

Senate District 10

I am proud to endorse Mary Elizabeth Fabian for HD 18. Mary Elizabeth is a respected voice in our Colorado Springs community. Each day she faces challenges in her life head-on with energy and zeal. She is raising three children, two with special needs, and has real knowledge of our public school system. Mary Elizabeth knows that children and parents need options in education and that one-size-fits-all solutions are not forward-thinking solutions. We need Mary Elizabeth Fabian in our State House because we need someone who is our neighbor, knows the struggles of HD 18 residents, and actually has solutions to make a positive impact on real people in her community.

Mary Fontana

Tony Goia

Paul Paradis