My opponents are gravely concerned. 

So concerned, in fact, that they have spent over $170,000 against my campaign (as of 10/10).

That $170,000 of money that was spent against me is more than most HD18 voters spent to buy a home just a few short years ago.

I, like many of you, am sick and tired of dark money and smoke and mirrors in politics. It must come to an end. I will not stand by and allow this community that I dearly love become a bloodbath to hyper-partisan-powers-that-be who are desperate to maintain power. 

I have no doubt that HD18 can become unified and safe once more, but I need your help. With 13 days until Election Day, your support will help combat the twisted nature and dark money that this race has come to.

We absolutely can stop this madness!

Will you join our team by chipping in $10, $25, $50, or even $150 today before it's too late?

I know and love this district, and I believe we deserve better representation in Denver than what we have had over the past decade. 

There is no doubt in my mind that my opponent is scared. Over $170,000 has been spent to keep me out of Denver. It is that important to keep the partisan politics status quo and true community representation out of our State House. This money could have been better spent helping our community in so many ways.

This is what we are facing. And there is no doubt in my mind that we can overcome this.

Are you willing to show your support today by chipping in? You have my word that I will use every single dollar contributed for the good of our community.

I ask that you join me in fighting for solid, true and intentional change for our community. The change that fights for the generations before us and behind us, for years to come.... 

I would be honored to receive your vote and support. Head to to read more of my vision for health, safety, and education for HD18.

Thank you!

P.S. I need your help to bring about true change to our district! Would you join me by chipping in today?