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"As a small business owner and member of the community, I wholeheartedly endorse Mary Elizabeth Fabian for city council. Not only have I seen her commitment to the city first hand through challenging proposed photography permits together, I have seen her work ethic and compassion as a mother and small business owner too. Mary Elizabeth will consider all viewpoints and take into consideration the opinions and feelings of all citizens of the community, not just those who ideals align with hers. I believe Mary Elizabeth is the best candidate for helping to create a Colorado Springs that cares."

- Amanda Roberts, owner of Thistle & Pine Photography

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Commissioner Carrie Geitner

Commissioner Stan VanderWerf

Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez

Commissioner Cami Bremer

Commissioner Holly Williams

Representative Andy Pico

Former Rep. Lois Landgraf

Former Senator & City Council Member Keith King

Rachel Stovall, Gazette Columnist & Community Advocate

Carrie Kelly, Gaspar Law Group, Partner

Amanda Roberts, Business Owner

Callie Riesling, Business Owner

Katharine Alexander, District Resident

Barbara West,  Community Advocate

Kevin Davis, Downtown Business Owner

Jason Jorgenson, D11 Schoolboard Member

Gazette Editorial Board