The last 15 weeks has been a wild ride!

My campaign went from being a blip to being a force that my opponents are concerned about. We are poised to take back HD18 for the first time in 20 years and, in large part, I have your support to thank for this.

We need to finish this week strong with digital media advertising to continue to boost my name recognition. 

Everywhere I go in the district voters know me- they recognize my face and stop to speak with me. I love these opportunities to share a vision of fiscal responsibility and positive community representation.

It is time to reach the voters who are still deciding. To do this, we would need to raise another $1500 by Friday. 

Your donation of $25, $100 or the max $400 will be instrumental in this endeavor.

I believe in public service. I believe that I am the best person to represent HD18 in the State House and I ask that you help me get there.

Walk with me, attend a honk and wave this weekend and please, consider a donation today.

I hope to see you each at our Victory Party on Election Night where we can celebrate our hard work together. Please remember to RSVP HERE.

Thank you!

Mary Elizabeth Fabian