"My life challenges mirror life in HD18 and make me uniquely qualified to represent you." -Mary Elizabeth



I'm running a campaign focused on the issues directly facing HD 18 voters, because as a working class mom running a small business and raising a family, that's what I actually live out every day. My opponents have been part of the system for decades and we can expect more of the same. I am uniquely qualified in this race to tackle issues like education (with two kids currently in school), healthcare (with two special needs children), and public safety. I will always come to the table willing to think outside the box and ready to act.


Public Safety 

As a working class mom, I know that safely being able to live, work, and play in our HD 18 community is key - for all of us. We can focus on the long term health of our neighborhoods and city by tackling key issues such as homelessness, infrastructure growth, strong community partnerships with law enforcement, and mental health.



One of the many ways we come together as a community and as a state is by caring for each other. My direct and personal experience with Medicaid in Colorado comes from caring for two of my children with special needs. My husband is also a disabled veteran who proudly served. We must prioritize the understanding of these “real people” issues at hand to assure sustainable healthcare solutions for the future of our district and our state.



I currently have three unique children in three different educational settings. While my opponents may be able to talk about education reform, I know it firsthand as I’m involved in it every single day. We need to equip parents with greater options, pay teachers what they’re worth, untie teachers’ hands, and always be willing to pursue new models that work - like project-based learning.


Toxic politics is desperate to stay in power…

It has come to my attention that over $170,000 has been spent to address an issue that hasn't even been a part of my campaign. The issue in question relates to the protection of the unborn, a federal issue that Roe v Wade decided and our chief justice has stated he will not rehear arguments on. Unfortunately, this money could have been better spent helping our community in so many ways. 

I am a Christian, and specifically a Catholic. Like many other Christians, I am personally for the protection of the unborn. However, I strongly believe in religious liberty. Because of this, and the fact that I personally believe legislating morality is ineffective, I would never push my religious beliefs on the citizens of CO. At no point have I stated that I would take away contraceptives or abortion, nor would I even have the power to do so in the State House. 

To my opponents, please be better. You must. We must do better for the people who are, and potentially will be, in our care.

Let’s bring real representative government back to HD18 - not dark money political games.


About Mary Elizabeth


I first stepped foot in Colorado at 15 years old. I fell in love with the grandeur of the mountains and the friendliness of the people. Almost a decade later, my husband was stationed at Fort Carson and my family returned. I remember making that left off 25 on Academy and my husband saying, “Yep. This is home.” Since then, we have worked hard to truly make this community our home through our support of local businesses, active volunteering, and exploration of the parks that our beautiful Colorado Springs has to offer.

For the past twenty years, I have always found organizations to participate in and support with my volunteer efforts. I know that it is through active community involvement that we make Colorado Springs such a great place to live. 

My interest in representing YOU comes from that desire to serve and help keep this a safe, happy place for our families where individuals and smalls businesses can thrive. 

From being recognized for my volunteer efforts on Fort Carson to running a “Kitchen Relief” for victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire to serving on PTA’s for our Community’s Schools, my focus has always been on improving lives within our Community.

I began working at 15, the daughter of a Small Business Owner, filling the gaps that the company had. Nepotism was not a thing in my family and being related meant I had to work ten times as hard to get as far as my coworkers. So, I did. By the time I embarked on my next business adventure I had risen to Manager of Compliance, where I worked with Regulatory Agency’s and State Governments across the US. This gave me experience studying laws and regulations and an understanding on ways to simplify for smoother processes between the state and businesses/individuals.

After coming to Colorado, I worked in Intellectual Property and Bookkeeping before realizing that many small businesses were much like my first job – big enough to need help in key areas (marketing/bookkeeping) but not large enough to employ quality people. I began working with a variety of businesses to fill those gaps. Since 2016, I have quadrupled those contracting with me and providing key support to businesses. My goal is to connect businesses with individuals who have life circumstances that prevent them from working outside their home. I love what I do because I help families and small businesses, the two things I consider to be the backbone of a strong local economy.

Together with my husband, I have been blessed with three children, two of which have Special Needs. I have had to navigate our education system for almost a decade, advocating for IEP’s and I recognize that no two children are the same and cookie cutter methods aren’t effective in education. As the Leader for Global Learn Day – a Celebration of Humankind’s Learning that embraces the concept of One Planet, One People – I have actively involved myself in learning about innovative and cost-effective methods to educate people at all ages across the world. I believe that Education is our key to self-improvement and be it tech schools, Special-Ed or college we should encourage and promote Life-Long Learning and parents should have a greater say in which education methods are best for their children.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Everyone can be great, because everybody can serve.” I don’t aspire to greatness but I do aspire to help my community in any way possible. 

Because I am actively living through challenges that we face in Education, Medical Care, Business and Public Safety today, I am uniquely qualified to represent all of House District 18. I’m feisty and I’ll represent you well in Denver, if you support me through November.





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